Daddy’s Home

Once again, Joy is in her footed pajamas at the front door, looking out the glass storm door, clapping and jumping. She has the biggest, most beautiful smile, and she’s laughing, so excited that Daddy is home. And of course, I am happy to be home.

I love this ritual. I love that Joy is so tickled at this event: Dad is home. All she wants at that moment is for me to step inside and pick her up, telling her that I missed her all day. That I love her to the moon and back.

“How was your day, baby?” I say as I lift her up and swing her around.

“Oooo-Ooooo!” says Joy.

“I love you too!” I say.

Mommy watches us and smiles.

Deb orchestrates this daily reunion. She tells Joy, “Daddy will be home soon.” Then, “Let’s go to the front door. I think Daddy is home. Oh my goodness. I hear Daddy’s truck.”

And Deb opens the door so that Joy and I can have this moment.

I hope Deb does this for years to come.

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