You will be vaccinated. Transmission is futile.

Happy Easter. We have something of an Easter miracle to announce: I will be receiving my first dose of the vaccine tomorrow, Easter Monday, at the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis. I will then go about my life, still avoiding most people, still wearing a mask. I will get a second shot in three weeks, followed by two more weeks of social distancing. Then I will patiently wait for everyone else I know to get their shots. Yay.

Joy is in my presence or a room away practically 24/7. (I do sometimes spend a day or two at the Airbnb in St. Charles, alone, editing.) She is becoming more vocal, more giggly, more outgoing and funny, and I love getting a big “Hi!” a few times every day. She often sits in front of the mirror and tries out new sounds and phrases: eye-oooo, baaaah, laa-laah-laah, daaaaah, oooooo, acccckkkss, bah-roooo, ooooooh, eeeeeeek, maaaaaa-ma, heeeeee. She also likes to try out new dance moves. We are working on choreography to “Gangham Style.”

Her vocalizations also include “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,” which means “Dad, queue up some songs on your phone, then give me the phone.” iPhone in hand, Joy scrolls through the YouTube’s recommended videos and taps (mostly randomly) until she hears something she likes. Joy’s favorite YouTube videos include a sign-language version of “One Thousand Years,” anything with Harry Styles, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and some auditions from Britain’s Got Talent.

She does sign language for “eat breakfast” or “eat lunch” and “more milk” and “play the ‘one step closer’ song.” Music is big in our house.

My favorite Joy sounds are her giggles and the sound of her breathing as she sleeps. Joy often falls asleep in someone’s arms for bedtime or naptime. I love when that someone is me. Her head is typically on my arm or shoulder. She likes to hold my hand or a finger as she gets sleepy. And her regular breathing always puts me to sleep, too. When I wake up hours later, her head is on my arm and my arm is asleep.

Joy’s favorite snack is popcorn and chocolate milk, but she hates that the popcorn takes two minutes and 28 seconds to prepare. Then several seconds to cool.

Joy always has a good day. Any seeming crankiness or crying means: I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty, or I don’t like ads in my YouTube videos.

Have a great Easter.

Squeaky clean for Easter.

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