Joy’s Smart Clipboard

Joy loves technology—smartphones, iPads, the Kindle Fire, laptops, and TV remotes. She especially likes to tap and swipe the touchscreens of our devices. She can delete apps, open YouTube and Audible, download music and movies, FaceTime and call my friends, and send nonsensical emails (Subject line: “lldkjkkk”) to my clients—all within seconds.

Some of my work is pencil on paper, though. I still edit some projects on printed proofs, so I have several clipboards around the house. In fact, Joy found a chapter on a clipboard last week.  She began tapping the paper. Then she swiped. Tap, tap, tap, swipe, scratch, scratch. Nothing. It’s like when she finds my sleeping iPhone and can’t get it to turn on. In frustration, she just tossed the clipboard to the floor.

In Joy’s world, every tablet-shaped object should be smart and have a touchscreen:  clipboards, 10-piece frame tray puzzles, picture books, picture frames.

Joy is constantly looking for her favorite music (“Stayin Alive” and “Funkytown”) and TV shows (“Holy Redeemer Sunday Mass” starring Father Kevin).

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