Stayin’ Alive

Joy is eight months old. She has started to crawl forward, just an inch or two, but she is learning. If she really wants to move, she rolls—back to tummy, then tummy to back, back to tummy, until she gets to her destination. So just in case her destination is the stairs, we have put in a baby gate.

She is communicating to us with her own system. She has her tired cry, her hungry cry, the “I am bored” cry, the “don’t you dare put me in the crib” cry, and the “I have dropped my baba and I want it now” cry.  She lifts her arms into the air to be held. She kisses Deb on the chin to say “I love you, Mommy!” She kicks Dad on the chin or pulls on his lip if she wants to play. She smiles and laughs. She growls her monster noises to make Mommy laugh (we think).

Remember the Numa Numa guy who danced in his chair and got 160 million views? That was in 2005, when I didn’t know what “going viral” meant. It turns out Joy, too, can dance without standing up. Joy dances while having tummy time on the bed. All she needs is an iPhone streaming Huey Lewis (“Heart and Soul”) or the Bee Gees. She’ll sway from side to side while Barry sings in his high falsetto:

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk
Music loud and women warm
I’ve been kicked around since I was born
And now it’s all right, it’s okay
And you may look the other way
We can try to understand
The New York Times’ effect on man

When Joy was born, she had her beautiful crib, the mobile, a Mother Goose toy, her stuffed animals. I guess most of the toys were packed away. Well, there is not much packed away anymore. There is now a baby swing for each level of the house. The Pack ’n Play is usually assembled when the girls are home. I stepped on a teething ring yesterday. And there were alphabet baby blocks in my bed last night (“V” and “C”). And today I had to step over the upstairs swing and walk around the Baby Einstein bouncer to get to my “office.” Those of you who have been to my office understand why I put quotes around the word office. Joy’s white noise machine was on. I thought, Why can I hear the ocean? I didn’t know we had a white noise machine, but I like it.

Joy is (almost) always with us. I work at home. Deb is home almost every day. With few exceptions, Joy is just a few feet away from either me or Deb. We have had Ashley and Sarah babysit twice. Booshie has taken care of Joy for an afternoon. And Mimi watched her when I took Deb to the ER at Mercy one night around midnight (Joy was just 5 days old).

We hope that we can continue to keep Joy with us 24/7 for a long time to come. But we do recognize that babysitters are nice to have once in a while, and Mary and Andi have been such a big help with Joy. They know her tired cry and her hungry cry. They know she can roll and roll to get closer to the iPhone. But I doubt they have ever heard the “I am bored” cry. Joy loves spending time with her big sisters.

Joy’s dancing stance
Fresh from the bath
Joy asleep on Paige
The first floor swing

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