Joy can now roll over from her back to her tummy. The first time I saw Joy do it, I almost cried tears of joy. She loves being on her tummy and really wants to start crawling. I’m already looking at baby gates.

Yesterday, Kathleen posted to the group message thread (a group of nine, mostly Paytons) a photo of the Dierbergs main office. The green space that faces Hwy 40 has been brightly painted with the letters L G B !  For several moments, I wondered: Why did they leave off the T (and the Q). Was there not enough space on the lawn? Was it a simple typo? Is Dierbergs only gradually and incrementally supporting the LGBT community? Maybe next year Dierbergs will add the T. That would be nice.

And then it hit me: LGB–Let’s Go Blues! I get it. OK. There is no crisis. There will be no calls to boycott the best grocery store ever.

Joy, too, was born into a community that faces discrimination.  We intend to make sure she gets the same opportunities as everybody else (“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and all that stuff). We want people to meet Joy and others in her community so that it becomes clear that all babies are gifts from God.

This year, LGB means Let’s Go Blues. But our message, I think, is “Let’s Give Birth” to all babies. The attempts by the governments of Iceland and Denmark to wipe out this “affliction” are misguided. I know, because I have Joy.

The best supermarket ever.

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