Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mary

Love, Joy

Happy birthday, Mary! Well, I realize your birthday was Saturday, when we went to Chevy’s (and you got the birthday sombrero) with Kat and Andi and Dad and Mom, then ice cream with Emily, and then there was Easter, when Dad’s car went clunk! (Thank goodness for GM’s five-year/100,000 mile warranty.) Crazy week!

The YouTube video of you singing and signing “A Thousand Years” has almost 100 views. Thank you for learning sign language for me.

I’ll love you for a thousand years, too.

I know that the first thing you do in the morning is come into my room and pick me up. I know that you kiss me more than anyone else because I have the Chapstick on my cheeks to prove it!

I hope you like all the shorts you got for your birthday. Now I know what shorts are! Duh! I should have figured it out on my own because they are literally very short. I wear shorts too, but Dad calls them diapies. I get a new one about every 45 minutes.

I love you so much, big sister. And I am so glad that your MAP testing is over. I hate using maps. I just use GPS and Google.

Have a great week, Sis.

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