April Update

April is proving to be a busy time. This week will be super busy. We have to do our taxes and auto repairs, and we need to keep doctor appointments. We are working on upcycling some furniture we found on Facebook Marketplace. I have a project due at PRH on Thursday. I have a new client, who is sending me new assignments every other day, and a project on the back burner that has been simmering for 4 weeks.

But it is time for an update. Joy Elizabeth is still growing and showing more personality. She is often awake and alert. She laughs at Deb and smiles for Andi and Mary. Joy will coo and talk at Deb for 30 minutes. She loves bath time, car rides, and music.

Joy is 23 inches long and almost 10 pounds (we think). We will confirm this on Wednesday when she has her four-month doctor appointment (including vaccinations). We were finally able to get Joy on our healthcare.gov insurance. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Missouri proved to be impossible to navigate. We gave up.

Joy is a happy baby. She has cried about four times total. It is so rare that when it does occur, I am up and heading to her in two seconds.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Don’t know. I think she hit herself in the face.”

Joy’s muscle tone is low, but improving. In fact, she seems so normal, so often, that I wonder if Down syndrome will slow her down at all. And I realize she is only four months old and that the gap between “normal development” and what Joy can do will become larger over time.

However, Joy is loved every second of every day. Joy brings joy to us and to every person who has met her. Joy has changed hearts and minds. I know.


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