Happy birthday, Andi!

Love, Joy

Happy birthday, big sister. Today you hit double digits, the big one-zero. As you may know, I hit the big one-zero two weeks ago. Yep, I became ten weeks old just 13 days ago. I can now say “Ah-goo.” I’m working on saying “moo” so that I can talk about cows.

But Mom says you are ten YEARS old. How cool is that! Mom also says people used to call you Amanda before I was born. People used to call me Envelope, but no one knows why. Crazy!

I’ll never forget that day in the hospital when I tooted in my diaper for the first time. You were right there, holding me. I think I made you laugh. And Mary too. Mom says she has a picture of that moment. Cool! You always hold me so gently. I appreciate that!

I am hopeful that you will hold me today and I can toot you a happy birthday tune.

Mom and Dad and everyone in the family—everyone who knows you—loves you very much. You are a good dancer, a great sister, and I love when you do the TikTok videos that make me appear out of thin air. I’m like: How did she do that? Magic I guess!

Andi, you are so funny. I love when you do your British accent and tell me a Peppa story, like this one:

“Hello Suzie.”

“Hello Peppa. We can be friends again if you say sorry.”

“I’m sorry I said you cheated, even though you did CHEAT!”

That story always makes me smile. (I am working on laughing out loud. Stay tuned!)

Mom says she wants today to be your best birthday ever. Me too! I think we are going to Booshie’s house today. How fun is that. When I am there, I am always being held. Yay!

I have to sign off now. Dad says I have a poopy diaper. He calls it a “Poopy-dopoulos.” He says, “Hey, do you have a Poopy-dopoulos for lying to the FBI? Or is it just a Mana-fart? Hahaha!” Yeah, I don’t “get it” either.

Ah-goo and happy birthday, big sister. I love you!


My first toot.

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